Why Pro Design Marketing

pdmlogo249x150-100dpiAs a Marketing Director, I manage multiple accounts for a small business. On a day to day basis, I may be planning the next promotion, working with C-Level clients, creating standard operating policy procedures…and much more.

There have been occasions, when time constraints dictated that I go to an outside design company for an email banner or poster creation. It was very disheartening. Again, working for a small business, the budget was limited.

It’s been my experience, and I’m sure yours too…you get what you pay for.

In the case of my employer, that meant spending as much time editing the final product as the designer spent creating the product (if not more).

However, I often wondered what does a small business do if they don’t have a graphic designer on their payroll. They either make due with someone’s shoddy work, pay outrageous fees, or they simply don’t send out eye catching emails and print material.

It was a combination of my own frustration as well as looking up local Lebanon, Pennsylvania, businesses to find they have no website (thus losing my business to the competition), that persuaded me to start Pro Design Marketing (PDM).

Because PDM is a small business, without costly overhead, I can offer services such as email banner design work, template creation and much more, at much lower prices than the large marketing firms.


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