How Often Should Customers Be Emailed?

More to the point, how often do you email your customers?

Email CustomersBe sure to send the right email to the right customers at the right time. There is a great deal of debate regarding how often customers should be emailed. Some insist that and email should go out daily and others, once or twice a year.

How’s that for narrowing it down!

I, like you, get emails from different businesses every day. Some I’ll read, some I’ll trash and in some cases, I’ll unsubscribe from a list simply because I’ve gotten too many emails.

How often you should email customers is unique to each business. Here at Pro Design Marketing, several factors are taken into consideration.

  • The average time between purchases for your customers.
  • The amount of information you have on each customer in order to customize and target him or her appropriately.
  • Do we have something valuable to share with each customer?

If you’re a heating and cooling company, once a quarter or even twice a year may be just right. If you have customers who have maintenance done each September on their furnace, a mid-August reminder would be perfect. What about a filter sale in December? Those same customers may be interested in central air come June.

Depending on the number of services/products a heating and cooling business offers, once a quarter to every couple of months would be appropriate.

On the other hand, if you have a retail/grocery store, emailing your weekly specials, or a special email coupon, may be just the thing.

The point being, know you customers and their needs so that you can find that right balance. You want to be sure you’re the first company they think of when it’s time to make a purchase…but not because they’re irritated!


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