Branding Your Small Business

Beyond having a logo, small businesses often skip branding their business.  Having specific colors, images, fonts or even a consistent voice often takes a back seat to the day to day activities.

pdmlogo249x150-100dpiWhen thinking of Coca-Cola or Nike, what pops into your mind?  Is it the taste of the soda or the comfort of the shoes?  Probably not…most likely, you visualize the color red with the white writing or the Nike swoosh.

Do you have a positive or negative perception of those companies?  Good or bad…you do have a perception.

That’s branding! 

Branding isn’t a short-term solution to attracting new customer.  It’s a way of cementing the perception of your company long term.

We can’t all be Nike, but we can become recognizable in our world of influence.  The stronger your brand becomes, the more comfortable your customers become, and the more referrals you’ll receive.

Of course branding isn’t limited to a logo, colors, and fonts.  The voice of your company should be consistent, from the letters, emails, and postcards you send out; to the way people answer the phone.

What do you do better than your competition? 

Can you express that in a few short words that would read well, be said quickly when answering the phone?

If you can deliver on that promise, you’ll build loyalty with your customers and in today’s world, loyalty can make a huge difference to your bottom line.